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    A dream i had



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    A dream i had

    Post  Cerpa on Tue Nov 10, 2009 8:57 am

    I had a dream, before summer sometime.

    I dont remember where i was, i remember everything suddenly go black, not only for me but for everyone. Then i remember light coming back, and i was at a trainstation i belive in Sweden were i live, and there were lots of people around me including Police officers.

    I remember that everyone had the same experience and feeling afterwards, like everyone meeting god and learning some divine secret. Everyone being so happy, i was so happy in the dream i cried, i hugged a police officer that gave me a look like: its all going to be ok isnt it?

    Its hard to put to words, becouse the scene wasnt so special, it was the feeling of everyone having the same experience at the same time and realising some greater truth..

    I hope the day comes when it happens.

    Btw, wonderful idea for a forum i just had a problem deciding where to put my post Smile

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