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    Clothing which reflects our auras


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    Clothing which reflects our auras

    Post  Admin on Sun Nov 22, 2009 7:18 am

    "The Tunic fitted perfectly and moved with my body like a second skin.
    Though it had been colorless before I put it on, it now radiated a basic blue-gray tone with iridescent rays of orange, pink, and a little bit of blue, yellow, and green here and there.
    Lea addressed my amazement explaining that their universal garment was, in fact, quite colorless until it entered someone's life field. This, she added, was the electrical pattern unique to each individual which emanates from the physical body he is inhabiting at the time. The tunic acts like a million tiny lenses reflecting and magnifying the colors of that personality's life field or aura."

    Source: From the book 2150 A.D. by Thea Alexander, page 17-18.

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