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    No Laws and No Lawyers


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    No Laws and No Lawyers

    Post  Admin on Tue Dec 01, 2009 12:32 am

    "We have no policemen, no armed forces, and no government to pass silly laws that people want to break....We don't have those laws that almost everyone broke. Laws against alcoholic drinks, gambling, various sexual acts, and drugs, for example. Your people in 1976 had so many laws which were conflicting and confusing that your people had to hire lawyers to protect them from their own neighbors as well as from their own government. Consider the maze of laws that governed marriage, divorce, and taxes....
    'But you have to have laws or everything would be chaos,' I replied.
    'We have no laws, and we have no lawyers, and we don't have chaos.'
    ....'The Macro society is set up so that our needs for companionship, love, learning, exercise, recreation, and everything else are best served....Because the Micro society lives according to the one Macro imperative--loving acceptance--we cooperate and, thus, conflict is impossible.'"

    Source: From the book, 2150 A.D. by Thea Alexander, pages 86-87.

    continued on page 114.

    There were no police or armed forces because there were no divisions or inequities. There was no money or private property because all physical needs were provided free. There were no taxes because everyone owned everything and contributed everything to fulfill the means. No need for welfare agencies to take care of the victims of competition or indifference. No need for legislatures and legislators with their endless biases and acrimonious debates. No need for lobbies to protect the vested interests of big business and labor. No need for politicians, the C.I.A., or the F.B.I. No need for bureaucracies at all!"

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