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    Time and Space Collapse


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    Time and Space Collapse

    Post  Admin on Sat Feb 06, 2010 2:12 pm

    In an article entitled “The Ultimate Secret of the Mayan Calendar,” [David] Wilcock cites Smelyakov's research, writing that it helps
    explain the end of the Mayan calendar in geometric terms as an “infinitely-converging end point” in which time appears to
    “collapse.” This is because time as we experience it follows the imploding spirals of phi much like a finger tracing the cyclical
    involutions of a conch shell to its centerpoint. History, then, does not exactly repeat itself; it is more like climbing a spiral
    “By combining the effects of geo-cosmic change with the overall flourishing of humanity in the cultural and spiritual sense,”
    observes Wilcock, “we see that as the cycle continues to exponentially accelerate its energetic rate of vibration into the
    2012-2013 'singularity,' we can expect … rapid increases in human awareness.” This centripetal cycle leads inexorably to a
    “discontinuous mega-event where 'time and space collapse.'” Perhaps this transformation of our experience of time and
    space is the truth behind the disjointed description of the “end of days” in the Book of Revelation.

    Source: http://www.2012supplies.com/what_is_2012/dna_evolution_2012.html

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