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    How Spaceships are Manufactured, a template for the new world


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    How Spaceships are Manufactured, a template for the new world

    Post  Admin on Wed Jun 23, 2010 6:42 pm

    "I have been told by people who have studied the very advanced extraterrestrial vehicles that they are extraordinarily sophisticated -- even the crude ones are seamless.... How are they made?

    "Well, they are not made by taking a chunk of iron ore or alloy and banging it crudely into shape! They are actually made through what I call 'infra ultrasound.' The object is made by assembling and maneuvering the astral matrix to build the template of the craft at that subtle level --and it then emerges as a perfect molded form into material physical molecules.

    "As they emerge, using this infra ultrasonic way of manufacturing, the 'etheric' and 'astral' energy level imbues the spaceship with intelligence. They can be so structured technologically at a sub-atomic level, that there is organizing intelligence associated with it, and life. So they are actually intelligent bio-machines. They are so sophisticated that they take on a level of self-integration and intelligence.

    "People who I have interviewed who were actually present where these ET craft were downed described these craft as acting like they were injured and were trying to heal themselves. They had what appeared to be a circulatory system, and an immune system and were conscious. And we are talking about the ship now!

    "One of the craft that crashed in New Mexico had a gash in it, and that craft was trying to heal itself. This witness said it was like when you cut yourself and the wound heals shut --but it was a time lapsed version, healing and trying to close right in front of his eyes.

    "At this level [ultra-nano-technology], astral and etheric energy emerges into this realm and organizes atoms and molecules, Such craft have a type of artificial intelligence associated with it, and a life force associated with it, like a bio-machine.

    "This is not your grandfather's Oldsmobile."

    Source: Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge by Steven M. Greer M.D., pages 284-285.

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