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    Between 2012 and 2020, the rebuilding of the planet occurs, allowing the emergence of new systems


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    Between 2012 and 2020, the rebuilding of the planet occurs, allowing the emergence of new systems

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    Source: The Divine Plan: Beyond 2012 by Caroline Cory pages 120-121.

    "This trend of sporadic signs continues on various levels through 2009 when more significant earth changes occur. At this time, the subtle signs become obvious facts that eventually halt the current human existence worldwide. While the new energies are simultaneously felt throughout these earth changes, it is only after 2012, however, that that these powerful energies become more apparent and constant. Between 2012 and 2020, the rebuilding of the planet occurs, allowing the emergence of new systems and structures based on Truth and the divine principles of Source. This positive momentum becomes the new base of life for all beings on the Earth, eventually eradicating, in 2020, the remaining but insignificant evil energy from human consciousness altogether.

    As of 2020, the New Era of Love and Light begins to take a new form, instilling systems, through various stages, that will remain in place for millennia to come. In the First Stage of the New Era, which truly begins as early as 2013 but culminates in 2020, humanity at large begins to realize that the first stage of the New Era of Enlightenment is in fact being actualized. This awareness includes planetary consciousness, which means that all humans become aware of their planetary citizenship and begin to implement great projects, supporting the growth and prosperity of the entire planet.... The primary goal of this new society is to remain truthful to its inherent potential for survival as one complete and whole organism. The first stage of the New Era spans approximately 100 years. The Second Stage of the New Era widens the awareness of humanity from the planetary to the solar system and is characterized by the full recognition of other civilizations within the solar system. This awareness brings about real communication and physical interaction with beings and intelligences of other-than-human-origin. This stage spans approximately over 300-350 years. The Third Stage of the New Era opens the galactic doorways fully and allows the full physical recognition and realization of galactic intelligences.....

    "Earth requires several hundred years to achieve all stages required for your planetary evolution, but the events of 2012 mark the true beginning of the glorious era that finally settles your world in Peace, Love and Light for millennia to come."

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