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    What a Court Trial and Prison Might Look Like in the New World


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    What a Court Trial and Prison Might Look Like in the New World

    Post  Admin on Wed Sep 01, 2010 4:54 pm

    Source: The Legend of Altazar: A Fragment of the True History of Planet Earth by Solara pages 49-50.

    The book talks about what it was like to live in Lemuria which is a great precedent to use to imagine our future.

    "Altazar had been sent [To Easter Island] to rechannel some corruption that had seeped into the temple hierarchy. His work had not been difficult. He had the clarity of vision--thanks in part to his secret Atlantean training to discern the untrue ones simply by looking into each one's eyes. Then it was merely a matter of four days extensive reprogramming of the tainted one's energies. To accomplish this he gave them certain combinations of flower essences... in conjunction with administering treatment with certain crystals.... The entire process had the effect of cleaning out the imbalances, through the flowers, and activating the energy centers which were too weak as well as neutralizing those that were strong, through the use of crystals.

    "...The healed ones [were] released to return to their daily lives. They were cured and Altazar felt confident that they would present no further problems."

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