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    Events come off right on schedule, without a hitch. Every time. Without planning.


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    Events come off right on schedule, without a hitch. Every time. Without planning.

    Post  Admin on Mon Jan 17, 2011 1:39 pm

    Harrison Owen, the author of Expanding Our Now, has developed what he called “open space technology,” a method of bringing groups of people together to solve a common problem with a minimum of structure and interference. In this he was inspired by the residents of Balamah, a very small village he visited in the bush of West Africa.
    “One of the high experiences for all residents and visitors to the village was the rite of passage for the boys and similar celebration for the girls. I was fortunate to participate, as much as a Westerner can participate, in both. These celebrations occurred on a seven-year cycle and were replete with complex ritual, pageantry, dance, and just plain fun. Profoundly moving, the renewal of the village was celebrated as its young people were welcomed to adulthood and acknowledged as the first fruits of the future.
    “My natural curiosity, to say nothing of a perceived need to be at the right place at the right time, led me to ask what the starting time might be. Blamah, the chief, would just smile and say, ‘When it’s time.’
    “And Blamah was right. The events always started when it was time. But how, I wondered, did anybody know? There were few calendars, and such clocks as there were rarely ticked. Even worse, there was no planning committee, and yet the events came off right on schedule, without a hitch. Every time.”

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