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    Reasons For The Declining Economy


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    Reasons For The Declining Economy

    Post  Admin on Mon Jul 06, 2009 5:26 pm

    Maureen Moss, Owner and Executive Producer of The World Puja Network had this to say:

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    "As a species we have carelessly defined abundance and its meaning and recklessly pursued abundance. We are all culpable. Our pursuits of abundance more often than not separated us from each other and separated us from God. This needed to end.
    A declining economy is being used as a means to an end of the illusion of abundance, and a means to a beginning of true abundance for each and every one of us. We are in the midst of a blessing not a depression.
    This current cycle that is coming to a close is a necessary component of ascension. We are being forced to get real; real close to God, real close to each other, real close to our authentic Life. The real abundance of life is about to make its entrance into our lives and it's not going to look the way we 'thought' it would.
    Open, open, open to the great unknown. Leave your mind behind. We are enveloped in mystery and mystery defies logic. Find your comfort in mystery; that is a Masters Key and it is where you will find God.
    Be patient, be still, and listen deeply. You will be guided as to where to place your next step. Follow your guidance for it will lead you to your abundance."


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    Re: Reasons For The Declining Economy

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